This site introduces you to the skills of one of the Northwest’s most prolific DJ’s, producer’s and leader’s in the music industry. Now that we’re finally coming out of COVID, the A-Team is back to work preparing DJ Avelanche for many upcoming events. 
Although 2020 was a hugely impactful and altering year for all of us, 2021 gave us hope, promise, and the opportunity to perform at events again. While 2020 closed many inside, DJ Avelanche was still doing after-parties for many artists such as Bell Biv Devoe. In 2021, Avelanche opened for more big artists such as ZZ Top, Tesla, Brett Michaels, Joan Jett and many others. Even during a pandemic, DJ Avelanche and the A-Team kept making moves forward. 

Now in 2022 the A-Team is preparing the release of DJ Avelanche’s first solo single, “ILLD (I Look Like Diiiiis)” featuring Stylez. The single is a fun, infectious song that celebrates breaking perception of what one looks like to others around them. An instrumental version of the song was released on TikTok for people to show their diversity in images. The full single will drop in June 2022 with a video to follow. “ILLD” will be the first single from the “Blackout” project that features artists Stylez, Jae Lava, Mighty and more. Stay tuned for more music, merchandise and other announcements. 

Follow Avelanche on all socials, @djavelanche. Thanks for visiting the site and ENJOY the Avelanche experience!



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