Avelanche Story

DJ Avelanche is a radio, club and mobile DJ in Portland, OR. His moniker comes from his home town of Colorado Springs, Co and it represents him and his style as a DJ.

Avelanche has been DJ'ing since the age of 13 and has witnessed several trends, changes, and advancements. Beginning with vinyl transferring to the tape and CD age and now the rebirth of vinyl and marriage with the digital age. Avelanche has been a leader in the advancement of the art of DJ'ing.

Avelanche is a full time radio DJ who's done several different formats of music. The list of genres range from Hip Hop to Pop and more, however Hip Hop/R&B is closest to his heart. He claims "I am a fan first and that is what makes me understand what motivates a crowd".

During his stint as an Asst. Production Director at a Portland radio station, Avelanche discovered his talent as a producer. He has since written and produced several tracks for local artists, commercials and TV.

Avelanche currently works as a radio DJ in Portland, OR and owns a mobile DJ company that covers the entire NW. He not only mixes but he holds the mic down with comfort and ease. His personality is real and relatable. He loves music and loves to break new records, in fact he has been compared to being the Funkmaster Flex of the NW.

Now check out his mixxshow "The Frost Bite Mixx" on Sprint Radio, AT&T Radio, AT&T U, 1.FM, AHA Radio App, PartyRadioUSA.net, US Cellular and the Nokia Network.